Meet Our Team:

Emilia Galperin
Principal Investigator
B.Sc. Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Ph.D. Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Postdoctoral fellow, University of Colorado Denver
Phone: (859) 323-1796
Udeep Chawla
Post-Doctoral Fellow
BS - Life Sciences, University of Delhi, New Delhi India
MS - Biosciences, Department of Biosciences, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi India
PhD - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Arizona
Rebecca Norcross
Graduate Student
BS - Biology, Chemistry Minor, Indiana State University
MS - Animal and Food Sciences, University of Kentucky
Patricia Wilson
Research Associate
Born in a small town in West Virginia. Pat attended undergrad at Berea College and received a masters in biology from Eastern Kentucky University
Lina Abdelmoti
Research Associate
BS - Nutrition and Food Technology, University of Jordan, Amman Jordan.
MS - Analytical Chemistry, University of Louisville
Olivia Tussey
Freshman undergraduate at the University of Kentucky
Along with research, she is also passionate about choir and environmental issues.

Former Team Members:

  • HyeIn Jang
  • Erin Oakley
  • Kelly Jones
  • Eun Ryoung Jang
  • Myoungkun Jeoung
  • Tavis Mendez
  • Leobarda Robles Martinez
  • Ping She
  • Rebeckah Fairchild
  • Maria Alkhasova
  • Jamal Bryant
  • Demetri Dartis